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We're building the complete
sports management experience.

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The Dime Experience


Sign players through our marketplace using MetaMask. Each player is completely unique as a blockchain token.


Every player comes with a set of traits that determine its on-court performance. These traits improve or regress depending on their play.


Create lineups of your players to compete in tournament-style leagues with Ether prizes. We broadcast all games in realtime.


Trade your players with anyone on the Ethereum network.

and aculture.

We're focused on building two things:
1. A strategic and flexible asset revolving around real basketball strategy
2. A unique content experience

Numbers are fun, and Dime gives fans the chance to invest in their own ability to read, interpret, and strategize on player analytics. Behind every in-game possession is a huge number of probabilities and calculations, all determined by the suite of characteristics that comes with each of our players.

So when you're watching a crazy bunny-to-hedgehog assist, you're watching as a fan that can make market decisions. It's a whole new dimension of sports content.

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